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Closing Ceremonies and Awards

Tonight! Thursday, August 17th at 5:30pm
Bring the whole family down for chowder and a hot dogs. We’ll be selling all sorts of Sailing Club swag so bring your checkbooks or cash!


Help Needed

Volunteers & Donations

  • Closing Ceremonies Thursday, August 17th: Volunteers needed to set up, grill, & clean up. Volunteers please arrive at 4:30 p.m. for set up.

Click here to email Debbie Johnson for more details or to sign up to help! Thank you so much. You’re what makes the Sailing Club work!


End of Season Party

Our last event of the season! August 11th 7:30-11pm!

Please join us for a CSC party! Live music by Jim Armstrong and catered by Smokey Stax BBQ! Yum!

RSVP and pay at the club thru August 6th or by emailing

Adult members & friends!

$50 per person.



Cabi Fall Fashion Open House

August 10th 6-10pm

Fall will soon be here…so please stop by and check out the new Fall line for CABI clothing…..there are so many beautiful pieces….you’ll want to see them all!!

A portion of the proceeds will go toward CSC scholarship fund.


Cohasset Sailing Club and Cohasset Maritime Institute’s 1st Annual Summer Kickoff Party

Please join the Cohasset Sailing Club and the Cohasset Maritime Institute for their 1st Annual Summer Kickoff Party.

Saturday, July 15th at the Cohasset Sailing Club from 7 -11 PM. Those with last names A-M -please bring appetizers to share, those with last names N-Z  – please bring desserts to share.

Complimentary admission  – BYOB

Adult CSC and CMI members only please.

More info

Contact for further information;

Kathy Iantosca – Cohasset Sailing Club

Lisa Hewitt Dick – Cohasset Maritime Institute

This should be a great event celebrating  two great organizations.


The Board of the Cohasset Sailing Club and The Board of the Cohasset Maritime Institute


New Sailor Parent Orientation

In case you missed the orientation… we’ve got you covered. Here are the notes… all of them.
Introduction to program
  •  Students will learn to sail our 14ft capri sailboats, they will be in groups of 2 or 3 with an instructor
  • Later on in the season they will to use our Open Bic sailboats which are small single person boats

What to bring to class

  •  Lifejackets must be US Coast Guard certified Type III vests that are properly fitted for the students size and weight
    • Can get lifejackets at REI in Hingham and Monahan’s Marine in Weymouth
    • There must be a whistle attached to the life jacks, not a whistle with a ball in it
  •  Closed toed shoes must be worn at all times, cannot sail without closed toed shoes, show up with flip flops we’ll send you home
  •  Bathing suit
  •  Towel
  •  Wear sunscreen
  •  Bottle of water

Discipline policy

  •  Three strike policy
  •  Strike is handed out for excessively dangerous or disrespectful behavior
  •  1 strike
    •  student will have a meeting with the program director and the incident will be recorded
  •  2 strikes
    • student and their parents will have a meeting with program director and vice commodore regarding their behavior
  •  3 strikes
    • student is no longer welcome at the CSC and will not be able to come back in future years

Drop off

  •  please don’t park your car just slowly move around the circle and stop to let your child out when appropriate
  •  our instructors will meet you in the parking lot when you arrive and they will help direct traffic

Missing class

  •  if your student is going to miss class please let us know
  •  to make up for this your student can attend a different class that is the same age level (EX: sailor 1,sailor 3) or you can schedule private lessons with one of our instructors

Second class is the swim test

  •  will swim (with no lifejacket) in small groups to a buoy 25 yards off our docks accompanied by an instructor in the water, they will then swim back to the docks tread water for 3 min and put their life jack on in the water
    • will have instructor swimming with them, instructors on our docks and instructors and instructors in a motorboat in the harbor
    • must pass swim test to sail

How to learn if class is canceled

  •  you can follow us on twitter, our twitter handle is @CohassetSailing
    • we will tweet about class cancelations due to weather
  •  if you don’t have twitter our tweets will show up on our website

Free sailing

  •  if you would like to sail with your student we have free sailing hours from 5pm-8pm during the week and 8am-8pm on weekends
  •  you can come down to the club and use our capri or open bic sailboats
  •  we wont allow first year students to take out boats until they have passed the helmsmen test in class (which is usually the 2 nd or 3 rd week)
  •  if you are an experienced sailor we will let you take out a boat you just need to pass the helmsmen test, there are two parts to it
    • written portion online at
    • on the water test with an instructor during free sailing hours

If you have any questions

  •  email us
  •  call us 781-383- 1513
  •  come by the club and ask a question there will be someone here everyday from 8-8


  •  entire staff has been trained in CPR and First Aid

Racing series

  •  we have two racing series on Sunday afternoons
  •  Porter Series (adult racing) from 2:30pm-4:30pm with a cookout after
  •  Stanton Series (adult, with student skippering) from 5:00pm-7:00pm with a cookout after

Using the club

  •  as you are now a member the club is as much yours as it is anyone else’s
  •  come down whenever you’d like
  •  come down to cookout with your friends you can use our club grille


Class Updates

Exciting news… we will be offering the Navigator class this summer!  If you would like to register your child please email at your earliest convenience.  We look forward to moving forward with the class if there is enough interest.  It will take place Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays from 1:30 – 4:30pm.
Unfortunately due to low enrollment numbers, the adult class will not be taking place this summer.


2017 Dock Update – DOCKS ARE OPEN!

Stickers will be mailed next week.

Thank you for your patience.


Thank You

A big thank you to the hearty crew of volunteers who turned out to landscape and clean up the clubhouse this past Saturday. Our crew mowed, edged, pruned, raked, set out kayak racks, planters, inspected sails, booms, masts and even erected the tent.

The Cohasset Sailing Club is anchored by a tremendous crew of staff members and volunteers. The success of CSC is a reflection of the ever-increasing dedication and enthusiasm of our member volunteers.

I would like to take this opportunity to say a heartfelt “thank you” to all that helped:

Sean Kineally, Anne Rowland, Debbie Johnson, Kathy Iantosca, Vicky Grimes, Katy Woolley, Jacqui Vitello, Trisha Cifrino, Matt Brady, Sandy Crough, Peter Vitello Jr., Joe Kineally, Connor Kineally, Liam O’Connell, Michael Iantosca, Griffin Woolley, Jonas Veitas, Scott Lucit and Matt Lucit

Looking forward to welcoming the class of 2017.  Remember, this is your club and we look forward to seeing everyone enjoying the porch this summer.

Peter V. Vitello
CSC Commodore


First come first serve

Due to the ever-increasing popularity of the Cohasset Sailing Club junior training program, maximum class sizes will be instituted for the 2017 season. Classes will be assigned on a first come, first served basis at our spring registration, so please plan accordingly as we will be unable to make exceptions. Only Sailor and Mate swim team members will be placed in classes created to coordinate with the swim team program. In addition to the safety aspect of smaller class sizes, this will also give each student more time on the tiller each week. Consistent with our mission, we will not turn away any resident wishing to learn to sail, and because of this, it may be necessary to adjust the number of classes offered and the planned schedule. You will be notified of any changes as soon as possible after registration.

A copy of each participant’s physical/immunization form must accompany your registration. Your child will not be confirmed in a class without this required form, and he/she will not be allowed to sail.


Buy A Brick for The Cohasset Sailing Club

The 2016 sailing season is a wrap but there is still plenty you can do during the offseason for our sailing program and new clubhouse! We are calling all hands on deck to help support our club and we invite you to take part in adding your own personalized patio paver to our new clubhouse grounds in a permanent patio or walkway installation in the front of the clubhouse. Your personalized paver will be a permanent and timeless memorial to your family, children or business. The funds raised for each personalized paver sold will help the club reach its goal of providing for a fleet of new sailboats for our young sailors.

We are offering 2 sizes: 4×8 for $100 or 8×8 for $250. To order your pavers, simply print the attached order form or click on the link provided here or on our website, complete the order form and mail it along with a check to the address provided.

This option will allow you to complete the details of your order directly onto the website, filling in exactly what you want engraved on the brick, then print a confirmation and mail it in with your check to our PO Box 111.


This option allows you to print the form, complete by hand, the details of what you want engraved on your brick and mail the completed form with your check to our PO Box 111.

Your support is very much appreciated!

Happy Summer and thank you to All!


The Porter and Stanton racing series have a rich tradition at the Cohasset Sailing Club. Come join fellow member sailors and enjoy racing for a shot at victory and your name on the trophy. Click here for details!


Race Team News!

Ok we don’t really have any news… But we do have these really great pictures for you to look at!


Click to see the original large version


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