General Policies

1. How old must my child be?
All children must have completed 4th Grade or be 10 years old by  Labor Day to begin. For older children, we can  match them by  skill level and/or appropriate age groups or group them together in a Teen Start program.

2. When is the application due?
All applications are due on the designated registration weekend dates so we can work on classroom arrangements and dock space assignments. Refer to the Calendar for Schedule.

3. How will I be notified of the class time?
The class list will be posted in the glass bulletin board located on the side of the Sail Shed facing the clubhouse.

4. What do the names of the classes signify (Sailor, Mate, etc.)?

1st year – Sailor,   2nd year – Mate,   3rd year – Skipper,   4th year – Captain

The names signify advancing levels and years of participation, while the “I or II” are simply different class times of the same instructional level.

5. What type of swimmer does my child need to be? 
Every child must pass a “swim test” consisting of a 25-yard swim, fully attired and wearing a life jacket. They also must be able to tread water for 3 minutes in the same garb. We do not offer swim lessons.

6. What type of clothing should be worn?
Weather appropriate clothing to include a windbreaker or sweatshirt, closed toed shoes (no flip-flops!), sunscreen, and life vest (see below).

7. What type of life vest should I purchase? 
A Coast Guard approved Type III PFD (personal floatation device). You can try EMS or REI in Hingham or a marine store.

8. How long are the classes, how many times per week, and when do they end? 
In general, the younger classes meet three times per week lasting two hours, and continue through the entire summer. Refer to Calendar.

9. Can I request a specific class time?
You can try, but there are no guarantees. We have coordinated class time schedules with the Swim Team and will continue to provide that service.

10. How do I find out about special events (parties, regattas, volunteer opportunities) at the club? 
Posted at the Club or posted on our Web Site under Calendar.

11. What happens if the weather is inclement, does the class still take place? 
Depending upon wind and rain, it may be necessary to stay on land or have a shortened class time. If class is cancelled completely, or for any class-related updates we should be able to get that information posted on this website in real time.

12. When will my child be able to free sail without an adult sailor or instructor?
They must pass the Helmsman’s Test, genrally offered in the second year of instruction.

13. Does the class fee change depending on my participation (i.e. vacation time away, other obligations)? We do acknowledge that families take vacations over the summer, so we allow for some time away, but not to excess, and we encourage you to take some private lessons (thru the Head Instructor only) to catch up. However, the fees don’t change because the club is a volunteer non-profit community organization. We are unable to reimburse due to the already low fee structure.

14.Where do I park when at the club? 
Anyone parking at the Club circle or up above at the Lightkeepers must display a current Cohasset facilities sticker.

15. Tell me more about the Racing Team. 
The Junior Program continues after the fourth year (the summer before eighth grade) because we have a Racing Team that anyone with the requisite skills can join where you learn the strategies and tactics of sailboat racing. Training is 4 afternoons per week and quailifed racers are sent to Regattas held along the coast – sometimes on weekends. There are additional fees for participation in regattas. Parents are also asked to help provide transportation.