Executive Committee

Commodore: Brian Kimla
Vice-Commodore: Anne Rowland
Clerk: Deb Johnson
Treasurers: Vicky Grimes

Board of Trustees


Noel Collins Boat Storage
Sandy Crough Sails/Awards
Mike Cunning Buildings and Grounds
Bob Cunningham Adult Instructions
Joe Dionisio Sail Boats
Joyce Driscoll Building Rental
Brian Gowell Kayaks/Paddleboards
Kathy Iantosca Merchandising/Events
Jeff Johnson
Sean Kenealy Dock Spaces/Dock Maintenance
Bob Kinscherf Motor Boats
Elizabeth Murry Publicity
Linda O’Brien  Volunteer Coordinator
TJ O’Brien
Kevin O’Connor
Chuck Peterson
Dan Rivera Scholarships
Diane Shipp
Tom Shipp
Rue Wilson
Katy Woolley Website/Communications
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