Wait List

CSC Dockslip Wait List

Here’s how it works: Those who are members in good standing (active membership) will remain on the list.  Each season new member-applicants will be added to the existing list and remain in their position, moving up as slips become available as long as they maintain their CSC membership. The Waiting List will always appear here and will be updated about two weeks following Registration Days and as slips become available. You will be contacted if your name comes up.

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2018 Dock Wait List
  1. Brian Gowell
  2. Anne Rowland
  3. Deb Johnson
  4. Raina Elfner
  5. Scott Collins
  6. Paul Froio
  7. Romy Wosneski
  8. Tom Hense
  9. Eric Guempel
  10. Bob Rogers
  11. Derek Grusinskas
  12. Sarah Livermore
  13. Eric Bishop
  14. Mark Ziady
  15. Melissa Barrett
  16. Greg Wallingford
  17. Erica Rice
  18. Sarah Shannon
  19. Christina Weissensee
  20. Scott Bianchi
  21. James Bodell
  22. Dave Nussbaum
  23. Sean Casey
  24. Mike Silvia
  25. Sharon Voyentzie
  26. Patrick & Anne Sullivan
  27. Trish Thompson
  28. Liz and Matt Beaulieu
  29. Jamie and Erin Sunday
  30. Tanya Kerrigan Joyce
  31. Chris and Tracy Laucks
  32. Jon Bourbeau
  33. David & Angela Abate
  34. Green Family
  35. Kara Norton
  36. Mark Gallagher
  37. Beth Mullaly
  38. Lindsay Appel
  39. Gordon Fales
  40. Jeff Stevens
  41. Annmarie Baker
  42. Travis Stewart
  43. Rick Schiffmann
  44. Eileen and Hugh Flaherty
  45. Heidi Dietrich
  46. Maggie Galligan