2019 CSC Awards

Stanton Series (parent child race series):  Miya and Eric Bishop
Congdan Memorial Trophy: Tyler Henry & Alex Ravenissi
Herb Towle Award (staff or student who best embodies the spirit of CSC) – Kate Quigley
Peter Greeman Award (volunteerism) – Anne Rowland


Excellence – Isabella (Bella) Cambi
Most Improved – Luke Hurley

Sailor 1

Excellence – Mollie Campbell
Most Improved – Dax Aberbach

Sailor 2

Excellence – Alessia Agostino
Most Improved – Anthony Simone

Sailor 3

Excellence – Finn Sheffield
Most Improved – Celia Bianci

Mate 1

Excellence – Farrah Jackson
Most Improved – Ryland Hurley

Mate 2

Excellence – Ronan Kearney
Most Improved – Timothy O’Keefe

Skipper 1

Excellence – Lylah Jackson
Most Improved – Shane Mulcahy

Skipper 2

Excellence – Maggie Brinzey
Most improved – Owen Gurtz


Excellence – Angie Grimes & Catherine Toomey
Most Improved – Will Griffin

Race Team

Excellence – Rorie Newman
Most Improved – Ben Weisensee

2018 CSC Awards

Stanton Series (parent child race series): Miya and Eric Bishop
Congdon Memorial Trophy: Rorie Newman, Lexi Sorensen and Lauren Wolpers
Herb Towle Award (staff or student who best embodies the spirit of the club) – Elise Wimberly
Peter Greeman Award (volunteerism) – Kevin O’Connor


Excellence – Maddie Campbell
Most Improved – Cooper Aberbach


Excellence – Tucker Henderson, Julia Joyce, Ian Kondrat, Isa Murray, Abigail Rini, Kylee Ziady
Most Improved – Haley Cody, Farrah Jackson, Sinead Mensching, Liam Rosebach, Finn
Sheffield, Cameron West


Excellence – Lylah Jackson, Libby Schiffmann, Rex Schiffmann, Andrey Sweet
Most Improved – Tess Barrett, Grayson Corbett, JP Giglio, Ella Lynch


Excellence – Payton Kondrat, Drew Olsen
Most improved – Julia Burnieika, William Griffin


Excellence – Rorie Newman, Reid Nussbaum
Most Improved – Simon Frank, Lauren Wolpers

Race Team

Excellence – Andy Collins
Most Improved – Sophie McAlarney


Excellence – Meg Dugan, Jackson Knapp

*Waaser and Porter series no results due to weather this year

2017 Awards

Stanton Series(parent child race series): Lauren and Mr. Wolpers
Porter Series(adult race series): Anne Rowland and Emily Malone
Waaser Cup: Taylor Soderberg and Clouette Lyons
Congdon Cup: Rorie Newman and Reilly Nussbaum
Peter Greeman Award (above and beyond volunteerism) – Kathy Iantosca
Herb Towle Award (staff ir student who best embodies the spirit of the club) – Richie Kinscherf and Luke O’Brien


Excellence – Andre Sweet, Riley Nichols
Most Improved – Norah Pollastri, Lewis MacFarlane


Excellence – Josh Young, Catherine Toomey
Most improved – Charlie Bushley, Taylor Soderberg


Excellence – Rorie Newman, Donavan Babka
Most improved – Lexi Sorenson, Shawn Huttons


Excellence – Meg Dugan, Gregor Gumpel
Most Improved – Elaine Wixted – Jackson Knapp

Race Team

Excellence – Andy Collins
Most Improved – Ethan Maxwell


Excellence – Conor Kenealy
Most Improved – Ainsley

Here are the 2016 award winners…

Peter Greenman – Bob Cunningham

Herb Towle – Cal Robbins

Congdon – 1st Place Ainsley O’Brien, Teddy Lucier, Caroline Patterson / 2nd Place Evelyn Dickey, Ella Dunkelberger, Maeve Norton

Waaser – Josie Nicholas, Catherine Brisbane, Robbie Norton, Donovan Babka

Stanton – Ainsley O’Brien and TJ O’Brien

Explorer: Excellence: Shannon Grady
(Most Improved: Paul Dugan)

Sailor: Excellence: Elsa Landy & Payton Kondrat
Most Improved: Catherine Toomey

Mate Excellence: Reilly Nussbaum
Most Improved: Miya Bishop

Skipper Excellence: Henry Dionisio
Most Improved: Graeme Welsh

Captain Excellence: Ainsley Obrien
Most Improved: Dylan Moran

Race Team Excellence: Tucker Moran
Most Improved: Matt Lucitt & Scott Lucitt

At the conclusion of the program there are several perpetual awards that recognize superior dedication to the club and a students racing abilities.

Herb Towle Award:.  Named after Mr. Towle, a founding member, the award is given  to the student or instructor who, as the award’s namesake, has worked tirelessly for the club with a selfless, generous spirit .

  • 2012 – Lily McCarthy
  • 2013 – Andrew Burnett
  • 2014 – Bill Mack
  • 2015 – Sam Campbell
  • 2015 – Jess Conway
  • 2016 – Callum Robbins
  • 2017 – Luke O’Brien
  • 2017 – Richard Kinscherf
  • 2018 – You?

Peter Greenman Award: Awarded to the adult who has gone above and beyond the call of volunteerism.  Mr. Greenman volunteered for decades as treasurer and bookkeeper.

  • 2012 – Diane & Tom Shipp
  • 2013 – Joe Dionisio
  • 2014 – Deb & Scott Robbins
  • 2015 – Sean Kenealy
  • 2016 – Robert Cunningham
  • 2017 – Kathy Iantosca
  • 2018 – You?

Congdon Series Trophy: Awarded to the winner of a series of races sailed over the summer between the Skipper and Captain levels.  Named in honor of Ray Congdon, charter member of CSC.

  • 2012 –   1. Sam Braun/Sam Gainey                                                                                                             2. Maggie O’ Donnell/Kate Quigley                                                                                                              3.  Kiley Crough/Zoe Doherty
  • 2013 –  1. (S) Michael Hill /(C) Joe Kenealy  & Mike Milanowski                                                       2. (S) Tommy Olson/(C) Marcus Rowland & Odysseus Deligiannidis

Waaser Series Cup: Awarded to the winner of a series of races at the Mate level.  Named in honor of Charles Waaser, charter member of CSC.

  • 2012 –  1.  Joe Kenealy/Michael Milanoski/Aaron Froio    2.  Jackson Fitzgerald/ Chris Longo/Cliffard Ward
  • 2013 – 1. (S) Connor Kenealy/ (C)Stephen Martell & Mike Sanderson     2. (S) Tyler Bernt/ (C)Sam Franklin & Kyle Osborne


  • Stanton Series: Awarded to the winner of the parent/child race series. Named in honor of Gerard Stanton, founding member and proponent of family sailing.
  • 2012 –  1.  Kiley Crough & Sandy Crough     2. Marcus Rowland and Anne Rowland
  • 2013 – 1. Marcus Rowland & Anne Rowland

Porter Series: Awarded to the winner of the weekly adult race series.  Named in honor of RogerPorter. Charter member and Vice Commodore for years.

  • 2012 – 1.  Anne Rowland & Emily Malone    2. Andrew Burnett
  • 2013 – 1. Anne Rowland & Emily Malone

Program Awards – 2013


Excellence    –  Teddy Lucier/Kate Cunning                                                                                                                                                   Most Improved  –  Michael Nolan/Piper Norton


Excellence  –   Tyler Bernt/Sinead Sheehy

Most Improved  –  Charlie Crumley/Ava Fusco


Excellence  –  Tommy Olson/Eleanor Dunn

Most Improved  –  Tucker Moran/Courtney Shanley


Excellence  –  Sam Braun/Mary Catherine Crumley

Most Improved  –  Sam Gainey/Ashley Antico

Race Team

Excellence  –  Margery Wilson/Luke O’Brien

Most Improved  –  Evan Canney/Margot Robbins


Excellence  –  Max Nakashima/Marina Longo

Most Improved  –  Luke Norton/Olivia Brash