Commodore’s Note 2019

Commodore’s Note March 2019

A warm welcome to all new members and all returning members as the Cohasset Sailing Club embarks on season #59.  

I’m happy to announce that Cal Robbins will return as our Head Instructor.  New to our program is Samantha Naples who will be Race Coach, with Marcus Rowland as Assistant Race Coach.  You’ll be pleased to hear that many instructors are returning from the 2018 season. The instructors are college and high school students, many of whom went through the CSC’s Junior Program and Racing team. Our Senior Instructors are all U.S. Sailing Level I Certified, a designation granted to those who complete an intense week-long training program and who successfully test out, thus meeting rigorous U.S. Sailing Association national standards AND the Massachusetts Environmental Police Boating Safety Course. 

A special THANKS to the almost 300 families/individuals who joined The Cohasset Sailing Club in 2018.  I would also like to recognize our wonderful instructors, the Board of Trustees, and all others who donated their time to make the 2018 season a success.. 

Speaking of donating time…   The CSC is always looking for anyone willing to lend a hand.  We are a 100% volunteer organization. Volunteer’s help keep membership costs reasonable.  Please email me if you want to learn more.

The Junior Sailing Instruction Program is clearly the core of the Cohasset Sailing Club, and has a five-year structure: 

  • First-year students start at the Sailor level   (after completion of 4th grade or older)
  • Second year students are in the Mate level
  • Third year students are in  the Skipper level
  • Fourth year students are in the Captain level
  • Fifth year students may take the Admiral class or join the Race team

We also offer an introductory  program for 9 year olds, or those finishing 3rd grade, called Explorers. This program will allow Cohasset children to participate in the Sailing Club 1 year earlier than our regular junior program, which starts at 10 years old. This will be a land-based, non-sailing program that is intended to be an introduction to boating. It will include learning knots and generally getting the kids comfortable with being around the water so they start the junior program strong the following summer. The Explorers will be a 1 1/2 hour class offered two days a week. 

There is something for everyone at the Cohasset Sailing Club. Spend time with friends (and meet new ones) on the rockers.  Join the adult sailing program. Sign up for a kayak/SUP space (unlimited availability). Enjoy a reserved dock space for your dinghy (get your name on the wait list). Enjoy a club boat during free sailing (once you’ve passed the Helmsman’s Test). Rent the club house for a private event (off-season only). Attend Friday Movie Night.  Volunteer at one of many events (Launch Party, Spring clean-up, Fun Day, Closing Ceremonies, Fall clean-up). Please ask a Trustee for more details or check the website.      

Please take advantage of all that the Cohasset Sailing Club has to offer, see you on the water! 


Brian Kimla


Cohasset Sailing Club


For anyone interested to learn more about the club’s origins…  Please read on..

The Cohasset Sailing Club really began as an idea at the April Town Meeting of 1946.   The Town bought Government Island for $29,000 to ensure its use and availability to the residents of of Cohasset.  In 1957 Herb Towle, then a member of the Cohasset Recreation Committee, started the process of founding the Cohasset Sailing Club.  Mr. Towle believed that every Cohasset child ought to have the right to learn about the water and learn to sail. The Town Fathers then granted the use of Government Island for such a program if privately-sponsored.  At the 1960 Town meeting, articles were approved to lease the land and the Cohasset Sailing Club was underway! On July 1, 1960 the Cohasset Sailing Club’s Junior Training Program was off the ground. 

Official Cohasset Sailing Club Charter, 1960

“To educate and train the citizens of Cohasset and particularly the youth of Cohasset in seamanship and to develop them in qualities of self-reliance; to afford them opportunities for recreation and to promote their health and well-being by encouraging an interest in sailing; to solicit, raise and administer charitable contributions to carry out such purposes and dedicate such charitable contributions and all assets of the corporation exclusively to the aforesaid purpose.”